Going back to move forward

Inquisitor Iacobus I call him.

Inquisitor lord of the Ordo Malleus

He is known to have tremendous psychic power

He may have discovered the secrets of time travel

And he is lost to us. Having worked for several hundred years for the holy Inquisition he has just gone of the grid. Not reported dead just gone as if he never were…………….


This is the oldest inquisitor miniature in my collection, by no means the oldest paint job, I painted him in january, but the miniature itself dates back in ancient times to about 1985. Just a no frills no conversion straightforward paintjob wich turned out to mark my incidental return to =][=28 modelling after a hiatus of about 3 years. So he himself is both rather ancient and quite recent. What better place to start blogging about this.



6 thoughts on “Going back to move forward

    1. Thank you. Those old minis remind me of when I started in the hobby, pure nostalgia. I have another one of this generarion, better start throwing som paint on him soon…


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