DSC_0027-001Welcome to Secrets of the Void


We are a bunch of hobbyists and gamers from Copenhagen who have taken up  playing Inquisitor. We do so using 28mm miniatures so our collections of miniatures can be easily used and we have between us quite a collection of 40k minis and keep making more… We are based around the gaming club Rogue Trader, where we have access to tons of sci fi terrain.

This is where we carve out our own slice of the 40k universe.

This is where we explore new and obscure parts of the 40k universe.

This is our story in the grim darkness of the far future.

this is our playground.


Here you will find battle reports, stories and hobby stuff. Here you will find our thoughts and opinions on Inquisitor, Inquisimunda, 40k and the hobby in general. Here you will find miniatures and maybe the odd building or painting article once in a while. WIP shots and terrain building…

In short everything that’s going on when playing Inquisitor!


As the old void captain said before venturing into the unknown:

“ye beware the uncharted waters, there be monsters”



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