The Hunt for the Doctor

The anomaly which is known as the Warp child has spoken….

It came as a psychic scream as is befitting of such a powerful psychic power several nearby telepaths were rendered unconscious or even dead. It was a warning, a prophecy; the doctor is at large again and he has uncovered a uniquely powerful artifact which has potential to destroy several imperial systems… He must be stopped! Don’t let the bad things happen again! This evil is ten millennia old!……..

DSC_0052To begin with the ministorum and the inquisition which are currently the wardens of the Warp Child did not believe it, thinking it must be misinformed or maybe even transmitting something which has happened many years before. The Warp Child seems to have been incarcerated for ten millennia after all. Everybody knew that the doctor had been dead for the past 9 decades, that is common knowledge. The reports of inquisitor Kronus were beyond reproof and stated without doubt that the doctor was annihilated.

Then came in the reports from the Ionidas system about a mysterious tech adept of the mechanicus who was skulking around at the system’s outer planets. He was searching for ancient archeotech and taking samples of the local population both human and otherwise…

That sounded dangerously close to the doctor one century earlier. Then there was a picture taken that was projected back by astropathic choir, which looked just like a vision that accompanied the Warp Child’s original psychic scream. These images were compared with pictures of the Doctor kept in the archives of the Inquisition for the last 100 years. There could be no doubt this was the doctor aparrantly raised from the dead.

Now he is on his way to Ionidas Prime with an extremely powerful relic from ancient times. Ionidas Prime is the home of a population in the thousands of billions..

He must be stopped!

This is the introduction to our next game of Inq28!!!

DSC_0050I found this stasis box on a shelf near my work table. The shelf was the shelf of shame where live all my many unfinished miniatures. I started this one last year, mostly because I fell in love with the tech priest dominus head with the tall hat. I think I spent about two or three days building him and getting started with the paint. Life or something happened, I can not quite remember why, but suddenly he was just sitting there not being done…

He just kind of inspired me for the next scenario, he would be the perfect villain. Now I have good reason to finish him soon so he will be ready for the next game.

The basic idea, the nucleus of his story came as I built him. I knew he would be dark mechanicus, shunned by his fellow tech magii.

In the beginning Epsilon 1110101 was a quite ordinary tech magos as such persons go. That was 5 centuries ago, he replaced most of his body parts with machine and prayed to the Omnisiah and everything was normal. In time Epsilon developed an unusual fascination with the organic, maybe he was missing his humanity, definitely something that was frowned upon. He was deemed weak and an outsider, he even took to wearing a cloak made of wool and a hood made of leather, real animal parts! About that time Epsilon 1110101 started collecting genetic samples of all sorts of living beings, though mostly human. He was tampering with these samples trying to create life or something similar… He also developed bio mechanical diseases kind of biological nanomachines, and some kind of organic codes, which could be programmed into living brain tissue. At some point he crossed the line and his activities became heretical, in the beginning that was accepted because of the great weapon potential of his discoveries. Epsilon’s genius was not entirely his own, he studied in secret the writings of Kelbor Hal the very tech adept who started the Martian civil war during the Horus Heresy and let chaos in creating the dark mechanicus. Isolating himself even further from his fellow tech magii and adepts Epsilon secretly stopped working for or even believing in the Omnisiah. He started believing in darker powers.

Because of Epsilon’s perverse obsession with the organic the other tech magii started mockingly calling him “the Doctor” that didn’t bother Epsilon 1110101 much. In fact he embraced the name since it had a certain intimidating value when collecting specimens among humans or even working with them.

Shunned by the Mechanicus, branded a traitor and dark Mechanicus the doctor travelled all over the galaxy collecting his specimens and searching for Kelbor Hal’s lost artifacts. He would stop at nothing to get to a cache of ancient archeotech having been known to burn down entire cities just to get a single memory coil containing data from Kelbor Hal’s forge or even from his own hand. For about 3 centuries he travelled, collected and managed to escape imperial justice being constantly chased by the Inquisition and agents of the Mechanicus of Mars.

During his many travels the doctor even managed to obtain some astartes gene seed and daemonic matter. When he injected these into human beings he got some very interesting results. That was when inquisitor Kronus was sent after him. At that point the doctors monsters had all but leveled hive city Numenon on Alfa secundus, it was only a matter of time before they could infect the whole planet with some sort of bio mechanical plague and rot. Kronus discovered among many other hideous facts that the doctor had injected gene seed from the Death Guard into humans along with daemonic matter and some biological mechanical solution to create some nearly indestructible beasts which also acted as carriers of his special mechanical plague. That plague spread violently and virally threatening in the end to destroy the entire planet.

Inquisitor Kronus managed to apprehend the doctor right before the mechavirus ran amok over Alfa Secundus after a titanic struggle. Nobody knows precisely what happened but Kronus allegedly provided proof that the doctor was dead even though no body was found. The menace was over. Eventually Kronus died of old age taking with him the secret of what exactly happened ind the bottom of hive city Numenon to the grave.

Nothing happened, no mechavirus outbreaks, everything was fine for 90 years.

Now it seems that the doctor is at large again.



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