Doctor Huntin’ (Battle Report) part 1.

First of , let me start by introducing myself since its my first blog post here on the void. My name is Lazar but I go under a couple of handles on the internetz, a few of them being Sukker lyn and Porkaborg. Ive been collecting and playing miniatures for well over 10 years, and have in the recent years turned my attention towards the grim dark universe thanks to the Ammobunker’s vast amount of contributors, iron sleet, John Blance and so many more. Cheers and thanks for the inspiration!

All right then! The concept of our Inquisitor games are that we play highly narrative games with a GM. The GM role gets passed along for each time we play, and so forth. The scenario is all up to the GM, he can choose to delve further into an existing problem played in a previous scenario or send us of into a ‘’one off’’ scenario with no or little relation to the previously played scenarios. Our goal is to build up a story and character gallery to match our imagination and passion for converting and painting miniatures.

This time around Kristian was our GM and he sent us Doctor Huntin’!

+++ Milanko +++ entry +++ Log +++

‘’I have been summoned by Father Dominic Cisnerro to apprehend The Doctor and extract his foul scrapcode containing parts of Kelbor hal himself, before he uploads it into the mainframe of Ionidas prime. potentially endangering billions of lives. I know that stopping him will not be an easy task, but the emperor guides and Father Dominic has the utmost trust in my skills with ancient imperial technology and in dealing with the likes our ‘’good’’ Doctor. I will be accompanied by my trusted friend Dragoslav Murka, a ruthless bounty hunter whom I turned to the gracious ways of our emperor. He will provide the cold steel, for me to decapitate the dragons head with. In addition to Dragoslav, Father Dominic has sent the witch hunter of ordo malleus Thenneth alongside his priest Barthellis. I do not know much of them, but every hand is needed in this matter.

May the emperor’s light shine eternal’’

Dragoslav and his servo skull on the left, Milanko on the right.
Barthellis the priest, and Thenneth the witch hunter to the right.

Ionadas prime is a heavily populated planet, layers upon layers of city. We tracked thedoctor trough the city and rubble up until an ancient church of St.Augustine. Abandoned, rarely even gazed upon except for the hobos and gangers pissing on its pillars. These ancient structures hold no value, the old tech inside them bear more resemblance to stone than to electrical components. But have no doubts, a character such as the doctor would be more than adequate to use these ancient technologies. With the church still being hooked up to the mainframe of the planet.

We had to find our way in… Easier said than done. The walls were high and thick, the cracks and crevices were too deep and dark. Our only chance was to find the main entrance farther down the alleys. As we moved forward we heard a gang of thugs bickering, swearing and laughing. We moved as silent as we could, until we were close enough to see that they were heavily armed. Thenneth pulled out his duelling pistol, jumped up from hiding, and yelled ‘’Disperse!! In the name of the holy emperor!!’’

A thug yelled back ‘’Suck a dick, spire prick!’’ Following up with a heavy spray from his stubgun. Luckily the shots missed. Dragoslav, loaded up his arc rifle and blasted the thug 3 times in the gut. The thug fell to the ground with a heavy ‘’thump!’’.


A female voice suddenly penetrated the air as it yelled ‘’Stop shooting! You morons!’’. The gunfire seized, and Milanko replied with a firm voice ‘’Surrender and the Bloodshed shall end!’’ the female voice replied ‘’I agree, let’s stop this bloodshed at once!’’. Milanko slowly stepped forward and said ‘’We wish you no harm, we only want to enter the church’’ seeing that they were heavily outnumbered by the thugs.  The woman stepped forward and introduced herself as Sysmilla. She was clearly spireborn, her language fluent, clothing expensive and not to mention the ornate power sword in her hand. ‘’This is our turf, you have no business here’’ Sysmilla said. Milanko calmly explained why they wanted to enter the church at all costs. Sysmilla replied Milanko ‘’Very well then, I am bound by an oath but if your Witch hunter beats me in a duel I can not stop you from entering the church. Thenneth accepted the challenge with a smug smirk.

Duelling time!

The thugs, Milanko ,Dragoslav and Barthellis formed up a circle around them. Thenneth drew his Rapier and readied his duelling pistol. Sysmilla pulled out her blade. Tension was thick. In an Instant Thenneth charged, slashing Sysmilla in the arm. Sysmilla drew a bit back and then lunged forward with a flurry of blows, Thenneth barely dodging them. Thenneth raised his rapier up behind his shoulder releasing a heavy slash towards Sysmilla. But Sysmilla parried and counter attacked. This time cutting Thenneth in the leg and making him drop to the ground, a deep wound this was. If it hadn’t been for the armour plates under his trousers, his leg would have been gone. Thenneth rolled away and quickly got to his feet. He charged again, this time angrier and more determined than before. He made three swift cuts, the first she deflected, but the second two pierced her chest. She fell to her knees bleeding, Thenneth moving slowly over to finish her off.

Just when he was about to give Sysmilla the coup de grace, a huge chunk of the wall exploded, and a rain of heavy gun fire rained upon the gathering. A thug was killed by a flying piece of wall. Amidst the chaos, flying rubble, debris and smoke stood an enormous half biological half mechanical monster with a huge heavy stubber firing on full auto. Several thugs got hit, and killed instantaneously. Thenneth getting pinned to the ground cowering behind the corpse of a thug, whose brains got blown out, and Sysmilla gasping for air while bleeding heavily. Milanko got pinned as well, as he barely got into cover.





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