As Inquisitor Lord Aurelius was running from the strange creatures of the swamp he thought.

“The Swamps of Axxos are just not what they seem”

“I have to get word back to high command…”

“Throne those creatures are closing fast…”

“Must get word back!”

All his henchmen was killed. There was no comms, any ordinary signal was somehow blocked. The strange creatures of the swamps were closing in. They were somehow connected to the Hermit and he was carrying the big secret of the swamps. Word must be carried to high command.

Inquisitor Lord Aurelius stood all alone, proud and defiant in the face of his fate, as the enemy caught up to him, he knew that he had failed…


This is the introduction to a mini campaign of Inq28 I will be hosting in january or february next year. I will consist of 2-3 games of Inquisitor, depending on how long my storyline will be and how many players I can round up for it.


Welcome back to Secrets of the Void. We have been somawhat quiet the last 3 months and for that we are sorry.

It’s been that time of year for me, when I go to painting and modelling competitions and do all these big projects which have next to nothing to do with gaming and are an altogether different kind of storytelling. I went to Scale Model Challenge in Holland, C4 Open in Sweden and culminated at the Monte san Savino show in Italy mid november. I had an absolute blast at those shows and conventions and am only slowly landing after. I must confess that it was my plan to keep this blog going at a slow simmer at the same time but life kind of caught up to me… Due to some personal problems it was not possible for me to devote any more time into my hobby than what I did for the shows and Lazar also had his battles to fight apart from his studies which has taken up all his time this autumn, so the blog sort of ground to a halt..

I hereby try to ressurrect it ;-D

Well at least we need and use this as an outlet for the 40K Inquisitor related hobby stuff and sharing of stories and minis.

dsc_0241A batch of my newest miniatures. The pathetic little subhuman dwellers at the edge of the Swamps of Axxos. Converted from skaven.

dsc_0240Further into the swamps we find these slightly more powerful creatures. Living proof that things are not what they seem…

december-161A musty old servoskull

At the moment I am writing away at the background stuff for the Swamps of Axxos. The swamps are a vast place of secrets where nothing is quite what it seems. The Hermit -a mysterious ancient creature, is in the middle of it and carrying the big secret thruth of the swamps.

I can not unveil more at the moment to avoid spoilers.

dsc_0229The mess, that is my workbench right now as I am toiling away creating creatures and special terrain features for the Swamps.

So what is in the pipeline for the foreseeable future?

Well of course a more coherent continuation of my work and storyline for the Swamps of Axxos and in the end a battle report from the swamps.

I will do some miniature tutorials mainly on the way that I paint my gaming minis. The first one up will be a tutorial based on one of dsc_0236Brother Azkaelon‘s holy congregation, focusing on OSL and painting in a percieved light source as that warband is all lit up by their holy father’s firelight and each other as well.

We shall have the end of the battle report on the hunt for the Doctor, better late than never 😉



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