Here is a quick update on my work preparing for the Swamps of Axxos scenario

Being a bit busy at Work and preparing for Christmas, it’s a bit slow going, but still Progress. I have been writing a bit on the scenario, there will be a bit of a teaser later in this post… I am Building and painting as much as I can find the time for at the moment and looking forward to showing off some finished minis for the project soon.

I have also been sculpting a bit and today I will show a few WIP shots of my latest miniature for the Swamps of Axxos project. I don’t normally show such WIP shots of my  minis, I prefer to show them finished and with paint, but this time I will make an exception, I am quite proud of my sculpt Work and would like to share that before I start to smear paint all over it. 😉


As in the uncharted Waters of the sea there be monsters, so there be monsters in the uncharted Waters of the swamps too. Apart from the head this is all my own sculpt in Beesputty. The head is from a Nurgle maggoth rider from Warhammer. It’s a great kit with many options, 3 heads, different kinds of legs and 3 different riders, lots of stuff for the bits box. Well I didn’t make a maggoth rider out of mine, I turned the maggoth into a Hell Pit Abomination for my skaven army, but that is another story. So I had these two maggoth heads and a belly bit with a similar mouth in it lying around in my bits box, just waiting to be turned into something monstrous. This is the Lindemann first and biggest of a special breed of semi mechanical semi biological monster that lives in the Waters of the Swamps of Axxos, I will make one more like this one, but a Little smaller and one smaller still that resembles a slug. They should make the players think twice before plunging into the waters of the swamp.

dsc_0254Here we can see the monster from the other side. Apart from all the tubes and saucages I sculpted in beesputty there are a couple of old guitar strings and some bits from watches. These additional bits add a bit of a sharper level of detail without my having to go in and sculpt something very tiny and sharp which would take me forever to finish, I could rather concentrate on making the overall design work and get it done fast. These bits also help tie all the miniatures I make for this project together as they wi.-ll be present on all of them and hopefully on a couple of terrain pieces as well if I can mannage it within my time frame. 🙂

The maggoth head is the one that is vomitting and I will add that bit also, it will make a nice continuation of the beast’s shape, giving it a very powerful expression as well as giving me an excuse for fitting it with a breathweapon in the rules… The players are going to hate me…

On the next we can see the monster with its head removed. That’s how I baked it, the Beesputty from which I sculpteddsc_0256 the beast is a polymer clay and they can be worked and sculpted as long as is needed, then you bake it for half an hour and it hardens. If I did that with the plastic on, the plastic would fare very bad, so I made it so that I could remove the head before baking.

For finishing this thing, all I need to do is glue the head back on, fill a little around the edges and sand it flush.

Now it is time for me to cellebrate Christmas with my family for the next two days and come monday, when things return to normal I am going to base this beast, finish him up and maybe get started on the paint even.


The Hermit sat in his tower brooding.

Things were not as they used to be, not after they came to the swamps… The Swamps were eternal and static so how could things ever change here? Curse the day they came here and started perverting everything! There was something before but that was an eternity ago, so that was a moot point the Hermit did not remember only that there was something. Then again it was an eternity ago and an eternity is eternal so nothing could heve been different and nothing would be. How then could they show up and change Things…?

“There was once something else but I can’t remember. I should never have removed those memorycoils, but things were all wrong, removing made things right. I must get the memorycoils back. I must get to the central collumn and retrieve them, but that is where they are! I need some help, I cannot do this alone. There was this golden one, the inquisitor of the Imperium with his soldiers and all, tried to reach him but they got to him first and killed him! I have got to keep an eye on the edges of the Swamp and they swamp grubbers, perhaps somebody else will come, who maybe can help me get the memorycoils back, I just have to get them first…”

Suddenly the psychic scream cut through his thoughts! It was a wordless thing an emanation of  the warp filled with so much pain and anguish that it left the Hermit shivering on the floor, well at least the parts of him that could shiver! The scream cut through his mind like a knife and all his cognitive circuits too obliterating any attempt at cohesive thought, tearing away all logic! Leaving only… Oblivion…


The Hermit sat in his tower brooding.

Things were not as they used to be, not after they came to….

Well that’s it for me this time,

we wish you happy holidays

merry Christmas, peace and love from the void



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