Inquisitor Stefan of Meteora

Inquisitor Stefan of Meteora


Lord Stefan, your assistance is needed in the swamps of Axxos located on planet Alfa Secundus. As Lord Inquisitor Aurelius sent a disturbing transmisson concerning ”strange creatures” before comms communications broke off. We want you to find out what happened, and bring Lord Aurelius back.. Dead or alive. A ship has been prepared, we urge you to leave immediately.

Be vigilant and may the Emperor guide your way .


Hi there, finally we returned from a small hiatus. Ready with a new 40k adventure that takes place in the swamps of Axxos, and for this event I converted and painted Inquisitor Stefan of Meteora, from the ordo xenos. His main body stems from a battle of calth commander which i was lucky enough to find without buying the entire box. The other parts are from a range of various fantasy empire stuff. The candles on his back were made out of plastic tube with a small droplet of greenstuff for flame.

Halt! Who goes there!?

As for painting him I went for a darker scheme, so that i could light him up with candles and the fluorescent hourglass on his back. The glass on the telescope hammer were painted with tamiya orange, to give it a kind of ambery feel. Finally, most of the model was glazed several times with green hues to give an effect of algae and spores flying around in the swamp settling on the armour. Not to mention the green dampened lights of the swamp.

That blue hue tho…

Hope you enjoy !



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