Something brewing in the swamps

dsc_0312Ugh and Mama Norma where staring out over the water of the great stagnant lake. “Something’s brewing in the swamps of late” said Ugh “The water smells foul”

“That’s right” mama Norma said “Ever since that awful screeming started, it’s just grown worse ‘n worse”

“That big golden one with his soldiers were gonna find out and stop it, but he just went and got himself killed.”

“OOOO that screemin’s in my head again…” Mama norma went to her knees trembling and panting… “I feel it too, though not as bad…” Ugh said as he helped her back to her feet. “Something has to be done about it, this can’t go on!”

“I hope those other psychos would just get in the swamp and get killed like the big golden one, who was nice… The psychos are killing too many grubbers, soon there will be no more left” Mama Norma said sagging with sadness.

Suporting each other the two old folks made their way back to Swampgrubber Town holding back their tears, hoping against hope for some kind of salvation for their people.


Situated just outside Hive city Mondus Centurium Capital city of Alfa Secundus, the Swamps of Axxos has been of little to no interest of the Imperium. A practically unknown absolutely useless backwater, buried beneeth the mountains of slag and refuse around the Hive itself.

Hive City Mondus Centurium is ancient, one of the first hive cities ever in the galaxy, founded even before old night, where the Alfa system lost contact with Terra like so many other systems. During the great Crusade the Alfa system centered around it’s main planet Alfa Secundus were peacefully compliant, welcomed the Imperial rule and has lived on peacefully ever since, providing manpower, a little ore and lots of education for the administratum, having in time become a center for files on the vast population of the Imperium.

Hive City Mondus Centurium’s spires stand about 12 km above the planet’s surface, free of polution and able to see the sun most of the day, populated with a large noble body, which rules the city. Part of this elite belongs to the Navis nobilite. Most of the city’s population of about a trillion never sees the light of day, the hive is so wreathed in smog, that the bottom half does not see the sun at all, living in perpetual night. The bottom 3 km of the hive is below the level of the mountains of slag and refuse surrounding the city and concists mostly of hab blocks and Industry, refining ore to be shipped on within the Imperium. And producing tools, shelves and filing cabinets for the administratum. This dungeon like bottom of the hive is rife with gangs fighting each other for suppremacy and scraps.

In the darkest depths of this vast hive city is a wall, that borders the outside of the city, in that wall is a gate and outside that gate underneath 3kms of slags, refuse and waste are the Swamps of Axxos. Believed to be a myth by much of the Imperial administratum and absolutely useless, so it has not been explored and has all but escaped imperial notice.

dsc_0214Lately that has changed dramatically. A warp anomaly has been detected deep in the heart of the swamps, augur sweeps yield nothing usefull, as if the whole area is somehow shielded, but psykers detect a faint presence of the warp.

There are suddenly rumours around Hive City Mondus Centurium about a vast ancient treasure hidden somewhere deep within the swamps of Axxos. Several interprising raiding parties are said to have entered the swamps in search of the treasure. None have returned…

An astrotelepath named Ezekiah, who is rumored to actually be an unusually powerful psyker, only posing as an astropath has been abducted, his trail disapearing in the swamps.

dsc_0236Inquisitor lord Aurelius and his retinue went in search astrotelepath Ezekiah. He disapeared in the swamps as well.

A band of pit slaves are rumored to have escaped from the fighting pits in the hive city, chased by the Arbites they crossed the threshold and went into the swamps.

A cult of chaos worshippers is said to have made their way to the swamps as well…

Much of this is rumour and speculation, but that calls more attantion to the Swamps of Axxos than they have enjoyed for millenia.


What is known about the swamps is that right on the other side of the gate and presumably several other similar places, there lives a people known as the swampgrubbers.

The swampgrubbers is a slightly mutated small inbred spieces of subhumans. They are clearly the product of bad environment, polution, isolation and inbreeding. They are a pathetic, stupid little folk. They have some contact with the lowest part of the hive city, trading with the poor folks there, but not daring to venture further up, they easily become the prey of the gangs of the underhive. They live in a small town on the outskirts of the swamps; Swampgrubber town, they are scavengers and fishermen. They dare not venture deep into the swamps. Scavies, mutants and outcasts are known to seek refuge in Swampgrubbertown from time to time.


Preparations and much minipainting is almost done for the first act of our caper in the Swamps of Axxos. On saturday it is and I am thrilled!


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