The Swamps revisited 1

This is the first of an irregular series of articles where I come back to the Swamps of Axxos. As I’ve mentioned earlier, some of the miniatures I made for the campaign were done so fast that I felt a need to come back to them and make them better. There were also a few miniatures that I did not manage to finish at all, so they didn’t make it to the game. When, or if I finish these I post them here. I have even made one new miniature, that ties in with the Hermit after the campaign. 

On the other hand, there is so much background and several deliberate loose ends to the Swamps of Axxos scenario itself that I can easily get back to it for more stories or games if I so desire. I’ve always dreamed of making a series of games and stories that are interlocked so one thing leads to another or that different stories take place in the same place and the stories make references. I tried that a little bit. In the Axxos game, by placing the betrayers in the employ of the Doctor, there we have a connection… to make a long story short, I am sure there are more Axxos stories in the future, just waiting to be told.

Well this is not really about me and my ideas. I’ve finally had the opportunity to photograph Lazar’s and Nils’ miniatures from our Axxos game, so they are getting a showcase here:

Gralum the 3rd, squat rogue trader by Nils Blishen

Tarn, ratskin scout by Nils Blishen, Gralum’s first henchman

Rusty Nails by Nils Blishen, Tarn’s nephew, Gralum’s second henchman

Inquisitor Stefan of Meteora by Lazar

There are no henchmen for Stefan of Meteora, as they betrayed him and he killed them. His henchmen were npc’s made by me.


The Hermit looked around the battleground with a sigh, like he had done several times already since that fateful day. He looked at the rotten carcass of what he had been told was a chaos spacemarine, he still shuddered thinking about how hard it had been to kill, these were almost impossible to defend oneself against. The cultists had fled, likely never to return. The inquisitor and the squat had saved their hostage and released him from their torture. He could already feel the pressure having fallen away now that the psyker was not screaming incessantly anymore. He still felt very overwhelmed by his memory returned, so much to come to terms with… too much. He had taken the inquisitor and the dwarf to the lake by the village of the swampgrubbers, one of the small creatures had ferried them across. These people were different, they had actually helped. He went back inside his tower and sank into the command throne and let the cables and branches enfold him, time for his meditation again. There was an eternity of memory to sort out and decide the wisest and most logical cause of action upon. Maybe the conclusion of these meditations would be to just delete his memory again to save him the pain and confusion.

With a smile he thought “the memories are not all painful anymore, maybe I should just leave it be. Maybe it is not as important to analyze the past and act upon it as it is to come to terms with the past, accept what is and move ahead. You can not change the past anyway”. He felt a change in the air, this was rather logical, though from a less analytical perspective. This was it.

Time for a new beginning.


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