Works in progress

This post is a bit unusual for me, it is sort of a diary post. I don’t know if they will be standard in the future, but this is about what is going on right now and what has been happening recently.

This here fine chap that is on the featured image is a sorry brute going by the name Raegar. He is traipsing around Tor Megiddo with his heave stubber being a regular pain to everybody he meets. Tor Megiddo is a promethium fueled cauldron of 40K madness going fast and hard in a burning desert. I am honoured to be part of a game of this magnitude. I am working nice and easy on a little warband for this project, no rush, they are not to be played with for a long time, so this is a project that moves slowly forwards for a long time. I have recently spent some time getting started kind of intensely, but now it has found it’s own comfortable speed.

Raegar and his heavy stubber.

I do not often post images of my unfinished miniatures, but here I will make an exception. This is not going to become a habit, but I realise that it is necesary to do sometimes or else there will be far too long between posts in certain periods and in this instance of doing a post all about works in progress those wips are relevant.

My warband of maiac techno barbarians for Tor Megiddo so far: The Scrap Queen and the lost Boys.

I have some very sketchy ideas for their background stories but I need to make these a lot more concrete before the story is ready for publishing here.

I do have a few bits though:


The Scrap Queen

What I can say about the Scrap Queen at the moment is that she once got hurt bad in an accident. She lost her legs among other things. For a period she was bound to a wheelchair until her boys managed to capture a big tech magos who crashed on Tor Megiddo. They removed the biological parts of the magos and somehow through voodoo and sheer luck managed to graft their queen to the mechanical part of the magos. She feels like she has gone through some sort of apotheosis. The exosuit even sustains her body through rejuvinat treatment -chemically, so she does not grow old… She is now real powerful, very enigmatic and not quite herself anymore.

She needs a lot of promethium to keep going!


Brutus here has heard of the Angelii Inferis who cruised all over the Merican sector of ancient Earth with beautiful ladies on the backs of their bikes. The only beautiful lady apart from the Scrap Queen he ever gets close to is a small statue he uses to decorate the back of his bike.


Slรฅsbil meaning fight car… ’nuff said!


April 1-2 I went to Herzog von Bayern or better known as Duke of Bavaria painting competition. This is a little bit off topic, but bear with me. Competition or showpainting is where I really challenge myself. It is a real hobby passion for me and takes up a lot of my time and sometimes when I do not make new stuff for 40K or WHFantasy it is because I am caught up in a big project of that kind.

My fantasy display at Duke of Bavaria

Here is my display for fantasy master painting. The whole thing is themed around ambience, mood colours and light effects, something I have been experimenting a lot with lately. I also brought two historical displays. I had a great time at Duke of Bavaria, catching up with old friends and making new ones.

I am now working on a big and for now secret project to bring to Golden Demon May 28.


I am working on this Tceentch warband for AOS28. It has been slow going until now because my going to Duke of Bavaria, the Tor Megiddo project and my going to Golden Demon late May. At the moment I work a little on these when I need a break from other stuff, though I hope to focus more on them and hopefully finish them come summer.

As yet unnamed marauder horseman of Tzeentch
Fiel-Thaz Sorceror of Tzeentch in search of forbidden lore
The warband so far, here included Eafraim Taim Chaos champion of Tzeentch, scolar and gentleman

These are all lackeys of the powerful sorceror Aran-Gar who travels all over the nine realms in search of Tzeentch’s lost book of lore.


A lot of things going on here, many things far from finished, but slowly getting there. I hope you can find a bit of inspiration or entertainment here.

thanks for reading



12 thoughts on “Works in progress

  1. Wowzer, some cracking stuff here mate – it is all brilliant, but the lighting work on the fantasy display is superb. Extra high-fives on the lovely oldschool touches on that Skaven’s banner ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great work! loving the banner. Really awesome lighting and attention to details on your fantasy models and your conversions are very cool. Inspiring stuff as I often toyed with the idea of entering a few painting comps.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. I really think you should try entering a painting comp. Nothing beats the inspiration you get from seeing everybody else’s pieces at a competition or meeting other painters and sharing ideas and stuff. These things are usually very friendly and who knows? Sometimes one bring home a medal or a trophy to top things of. ๐Ÿ˜„

      Liked by 1 person

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