War in the Sun

The sun was scorching hot, the sand of the desert was practically burning, the horizon was a shimmering blur of heat. The warriors of the Tor Megiddo wastelands converged on the Promethean tower.

Many warbands and clans were heading for the tower, all with their own agendas, yet all could use the Promethean tower and its boundless resource of fuel. Fuel was power in the desert. With this tower in their possession a wise tribe could in time rise enough power, to rival the golden cities. Or so they thought…

Atop the Promethean Tower resided Machromonicum the 83rd lord of Lead, an ancient amalgamation of human and mechanics, a priest of Mars. He had guarded the tower and its secrets as long as man could remember. Now the secret was out, the Promethean tower tapped directly into the vast seas of promethium under the desert surface of the planet itself. The resource of fuel would be infinite.

The Promethean tower looming in the distance.
The gaming table


Finally it was time for our grand game in Helsinki, Finland. We had prepared for this for the last half-year, making stories, bouncing ideas back and forth, creating and painting warbands, vehicles and a lot of NPC’s and monsters. We were 8 players actually present for the game, from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Croatia and Denmark. Apart from that we’ve had input from the US and England as well in the preparations for the game and had costum made gaming aids and NPC figures, sent to take part in the game. It was a huge collaborative effort and it was great to be part of it. It was organized by Alexander Winberg, he made it all run very smoothly, which was great. He also compiled the codex with the rules specific to this game and even made the gaming table! He did a great job to make his vision for this game come true. The rest of the participants were: Ana Polanscak, Alexander Lunde, Johan Egerkrans, Helge Wilhelm Dahl, Erik Blommen Blomqvist and Rebecca VildeMartine Krohn Karlsson.

We were very loud about this whole project and the game itself on the day we played on the Facebook group: The Inquisitorium – The Beating Heart of Inq28. We also have a lot of coverage on our various blogs: Echoes of ImperiumWilhel MiniaturesThe ConvertorumGardens of HecateBigbossredskullzBetween the Bolter and MeWarboss Kurgan.

Some of the poor civilians living in the nearby village

Bear in mind that I am not trying to describe this crazy big game from any general point of view, that is not possible. I will tell the story as I experienced it, through the eyes of my warband.


The Scrap Queen and the lost Boys arrived at the great Promethean tower, it was a burning hot day, it was as if the sand itself was on fire. Even though they had rushed to the tower as fast as they could in a bid to lay claim to it before anyone else and to dig in before having to defend that claim, they were not alone. Several other warbands and tribes were converging on the tower at the same time.

“This is going to get bloody” mumbled Brutus as he eyed the Scrap Queen askance. The Scrap Queen was licking her lips expectantly looking at the tower’s top, where the old tech priest Machromonicum the 83rd, the lord of lead was pacing nervously back and forth, knowing full well what was coming for him. She looked at the boys riding the Warpig and said “I want that one” pointing to the Lead Lord, “kill him as you please, just don’t damage his mechanical body!” Crazy Joe rolled his eyes, he had his own agenda. Brutus thought “she wants to replace her lower body with one. that is more human”

There were barbarian riders approaching the tower; Orrvar’s Outriders, there were other warbands like their own. There were cars and trucks drawing near from all around! The Rust Beetle was tramping over the horizon, coming nearer surrounded by a bunch of warriors. The awful Plague Borgs and their disgusting Rat king were sneaking in. The ground was shaking with all the engines revving and all the tramping feet.

Brutus felt another tremor in the ground “I hope it is not the sand worms, this noise is sure to attract them!” It was not sand worms, on the other side of the tower, what looked like an oil rig came walking up; it was a Tor, ancient mechanical construct walking, used for work and living. This tor was empty, it was just walking up on its own accord. It was out of control, walking towards the Promethean tower, as if its machine heart knew that there was fuel to be had and it itself wanted a part of the action as well. “He, who controls a tor is a power onto himself” thought Brutus, he looked over his shoulder at Crazy Joe, riding the Warpig, he was staring at the tor as well…

Wasteland Warriors happening by, just as things are about to turn ugly
Just about to start, everybody has deployed
The Scrap Queen and the lost Boys advance upon the Promethean Tower of Machromonicum the 83rd.

From all sides, the warbands were edging closer, eyeing each other nervously, the tension was great. As people started to gather speed and race for the tower, the Scrap Queen let out a war cry Charge!!! AIAIAIAIAIAI!!!

The race was on!

Suddenly there was the whining whistling sound of incoming! With a bang three black cannon balls crashed down. Two landed just beside the tower and one on the lower level of the Promethean tower itself!  As the dust of their landing settled, the canon balls opened up and a bunch of big brutish men stepped out of the canon balls! The New Transhumans had arrived in style!

The first blood was spilled as the warband unceremoniously gunned down the few local civilians, that got in their way or just happened to stand nearby; there was a little village in the shadow of the Promethean tower. The Warpig, carrying the lost Boys rammed a local promethium pedler, so his rig exploded.

From the gorge near the left flank of the lost Boys, there was a terrible noise of revving engines and the sound of a big chainblade being gunned hard. It was the Valkyrie and his flaming companion announcing their arrival. This was the grudge match that the Warboy had been waiting for! Rumour had it that they had made the Valkyrie specifically to destroy the Slåsbil, jealous bastards! The Warboy was gonna show ’em! A last great battle to go down in a blaze of glory! The Warboy peeled off and headed for the ravine in which the enemy vehicles was approaching. The Scrap Queen sent of Brutus to support the Warboy. “Finish your fight fast, then come back and help keep the ground beneath the tower clean afterwards!” She yelled. Warboy could only hear the roaring of his own blood and the engine of the Slåsbil, but Brutus listened and gave a curt nod before gunning his bike in the wake of the Slåsbil.

A mighty clash
An ugly battle unfolds

With a roar the Slåsbil drove over the edge of the ravine and right down to the bottom heading straight for the enemy vehicles. He fired his thrusters and picked up speed.

Brutus followed upon the edge of the ravine, having a hard time to keep up.

Luckily for Warboy, the ravine was too narrow for the vehicles to get past each other, so he only had to fight them one at a time. With a mighty crash and a shower of sparks, he crashed into the Valkyrie. once he was stuck there, he fired his flamer into the car, hitting both, the flamercar in the back was volatile. Brutus kept firing his shotgun at the flamercar, he even managed to wound it once. The Big saw blade damaged the Slåsbil aa little, he backed up and rammed it again, that was more than the Valkyrie could take and it exploded, the Slåsbil continued right into the flamercar. After exchanging a lot of blows and firing of flamers, the flamer car exploded as well, the Slåsbil was hurt, but still serviceable and continued towards the end of the gorge, where he could get up and join the fray.

The Tor closing in
Old derelict, yet still powerful.
The sand worms awaken

In the mean time, the tor relentlessly lurched closer and closer. In the village on the other side of the tower a bloody war of attrition unfolded between the Plague Borgs and one flank of Omic,s warriors, they fought for control of an abandoned old tank serving as a house in the vilage, the turret still worked, they suspected. On the Omic’s other flank was the Rust Beetle and a hard battle between them, Orrvar’s Outriders and the New Transhumans to gain a foothold on the Promethean Tower. A warband sped across the field in a strange homebuilt tank and a couple of bikes, right across the area, that was infected with sand worms. The vibrations of their passing or maybe the noise of the battle awoke the giant sand worms, just as the warband passed over. One of the sand worms promptly ate one of the bikers passing across their territory. After that, the sand worms ran amok all over that part of the battlefield, eating and vomiting bile on anybody happening by.

The weirdest transport of the entire battle, depositing a load of warriors to the lower tier of the Promethean Tower.

The Lost Boys drove the Warpig into one of the pipelines on the ground, ramming it, so it exploded. Thus they made their way to the Promethean tower. Having fired their thrusters, the Warpig spun out of control, but managed to skid close enough to the tower to deposit its cargo of warriors. The Scrap Queen sprinted in behind the Warpig and went straight for the tower proper and started to climb the tower’s side like a spider. She had her eyes set on the Lead Lord. The new Transhuman Warriors were fighting the tech priest hard, but he was not easy to kill.

Just then a couple of big brutes pushed the cannon ball stuck on the walkway above out over the edge! It hit the Scrap Queen, tore her off from the tower and back down to the ground. She was wounded and now she was mad. Recovering her senses, she scaled the tower up to the walkway and attacked her assailants.

Crazy Joe, Korghor and Kull climbed the ladders and started to attack the brutes, that had pushed the cannonball down on their queen, with the Queen’s help making short process of them. They fought hard to gain control of the Promethean tower as more and more warriors climbed up. All the time Crazy Joe kept an eye on the approaching Tor.

The Lost Boys disembark and make for the tower, at the same time the Warpig backed up and acted as a shield to protect them from Orrvar’s Outriders.

As Raegar with the heavy Stubber and little Rosa Molotov was about to climb the tower to get a vantage point for supporting fire, Blue Ruin and the 66fangs came bearing down on them! Blue Ruin tried to run them over with her bike. It turned into an ugly firefight , where Raegar pumped tons of lead into Blue Ruin, but she was tough as nails and he didn’t manage to score so much as a single wound! Blue Ruin will now be known as the Lead Queen. Luckily Blue Ruin and her Warriors got distracted before they could finish of Raegar and he contended himself with just protecting little Rosa Molotov, as she hurled her burning bottles at everything that came into range and Raegar used his heavy stubber to keep the enemies from that part of the tower.

New combatants join the fray
The Tor tries to step on a sand worm
Chaos in the middle of the board
Battling it out in the vilage.

Two strange rustmen joined the battle on the right flank and was attacked by the crazy old man in the wheelchair and the big long legged pig transport and Brutus, it turned into a chaotic battle of everyone against everyone else. Rosa Molotov threw some molotov cocktails on the tall pig, but to no effect. Eventually Brutus was killed in the melee.

The Scrap Queen and her boys gained control of the lower part of the tower, Kull was killed in the battle, as the last resistance fled before the fury of the Scrap Queen. She started to climb further to the top of the tower and Korgor followed on a ladder.

Just then the Lord of Lead was killed by one of the Transhumans! The Scrap Queen let out a scream, that could be heard all over the battlefield as her prize looked to be denied to her! She sped up the side of the tower as fast as she could, in a bid to take revenge on those, who had killed the Lead Lord and to hopefully salvage enough of him to be of use to her.

At this point the Tor had crashed into the Promethean Tower and started to suck up promethium, filling its fuel tanks. There were many warriors climbing around the rig, trying to claim it for their own. There was also a control room in the Tor, from where it could be steered. People fought to the death, as they were racing each other to the control room. Crazy Joe secretly slipped aboard the Tor. It started to veer away from the Promethean tower, when its fuel tanks were full.

Fighting atop the Promethean Tower, note Crazy Joe in the background on board the Tor, he has abandoned his own.

Just then disaster struck!!

In the village, the battle for the abandoned old tank turret between Omic’s Vortrekkers and the Rat Kings Plague Borgs was almost over. For some time one of the Vortrekkers had been sitting inside the old turret, happily shooting at anything from rival warriors to sand worms. Suddenly one of the Plague Borgs got through, pulled him from the turret, cut him in half and climbed in and took over the turret for himself.

On the tower, the fight had turned into an outright brawl, everyone for himself. There weren’t many Vortrekkers left on the tower, not many outriders either, but those that were hung on by their fingernails.

The Plague Borg, who had taken over the old turret turned it and aimed for the Promethean Tower itself!  If the Plague Borgs could not get the tower, no one would!!

He fired the gun, the distance was great, but the target was a big one!

He was lucky and hit a vital part.

He started a chain reaction!!

The Promethean tower blew up in a gigantic ball of fire, that turned into a mushroom cloud! The Tower was gone. Everyone who had been upon the tower was killed. The battle was over!

It all ended with a big bang!

The barren wasteland where the Promethean tower had stood
The smoke clears
The Tor walks off to no one knows where

As the smoke cleared, the Tor walked of with Crazy Joe and a bunch of warriors aboard, one of them would come out on top and claim the Tor for himself. It disappeared over the horizon as the sun set.


All in all we had a blast. It was a great and chaotic game with tons of little personal conflicts going on all the time. Many more fun encounters and wild heroics than I can recount here. We all have our different perspectives on how the game went, but we all had fun.

I also enjoyed a good few days in Helsinki, a nice beautiful small city. With good food and nice museums. It was also great to meet everyone else and make some new friends. We all agreed that it was great to see all those miniatures in real life, that we had followed the creation of online through the last 4-5 months.

And here ends this odyssey of 40K madness and hobby brilliance, hopefully to make way for future projects as big as this one.

All the miniatures of the game

Raegar limped across the desert, holding Little Rosa Molotov’s hand. “I guess it’s just you and me now” he said.

He heard the Warboy swearing and kicking the Slåsbil, having a hard time getting it started, but eventually it succeeded… “Or maybe one more” he mused.

Just then he saw Brutus’ bike on its side, smoking. near the strange wrecked rust men and a big pile of dung, probably from the tall pig… “Oh no!” There was Brutus lying twisted on the ground staring at the sky with unseeing eyes.

There was a mournful melody on the wind.

The skirling sound of an electrical organ and other electrical instruments with more edge. A mournful voice sang beautifully…

When the music’s over…

When the music’s over…

When the music’s over,

Turn out the lights

Turn out the lights

Turn out the lights…

When the music is your special friend

Dance on fire as it intends.

Music is your only frieeeend…

Un…til the end…

Until the eeeeeend….




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    1. Thanks Ana. Yeah it is a fun way to do it as opposed to trying to encompass everything in a big chaotic battle like this one, which I think would be near impossible. 😉


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