Moving on

Ilse screamed! Though she was inside an amniotic tank, totally isolated from outside, no sensory input either, just floating weightlesly in gel-like fluid in total darkness and total silence.

“You need never be alone anymore!” That wet and sibilant wisper!

A thousand daemons were tearing her apart and she knew for a certainty that she was in the warp. Even though the ship was protected by Gellerfields she could feel the translation to her bone. She was so open to the warp that there was absolutely no stopping it from seeping into her soul, no matter the protection. Slowly but surely she slipped into madness!

At the Gateway

The starship enters the Warp, transporting the Scrap Queen and her captors to who knows where…


That was but a tiny bit of storytelling because I just can’t stop myself… 😉


Now what else have I been up to this past year and a half?

Along with some friends I’ve had the Oldhammer of the North project going on. It has been a bit quiet lately due to several personal difficulties, but the oldhammer project will be finished at around the end of summer or at the latest early autumn. A lot of storytelling going on there. We made a blog about it: Oldhammer in the North .

Some of my oldhammer Chaos Warriors

I have been adding to my skaven horde. I’ve been doing that from time to time for the past nine years or so. It is a pet project for me. I have not posted anything about it here, only a little bit on instagram because I have this rythm of making 13 at a time and then post ’em. Sometimes I make 13 in 3 days at other times it takes me half a year, it is wholly dependent on when and how much I am in the mood for skaven. The skaven army is a classic square based Warhammer army. I do enjoy playing classic warhemmer from time to time. I’ve used them for 9th age as well, but I like Warhammer better. I often play Warhammer with my oldest son and his orcs! I have always seen my skaven army as a creative playground, where I can play around with figures, techniques and ideas. When I want to learn something new or even if I invent a new technique I try it out on these. It is very liberating for me to paint these little critters, no pressure, no expectations, just pure painting fun and experimenting for free. I hope to find the time and energy to tell the story of my Skaven Horde and the Rat King some day. It is not quite ready yet, but it is getting there.

A batch of 13
Thanquol and Boneripper

I have been painting a lot of miniatures during my long break from the Void. Many of them are Warhammer and 40K, thus having a bearing on previous contend here. Many have been pure showpieces and competition pieces.

Ganesha from Aradia, the little girl, who I named Adhita is a village kid from Hasslefree.
Valaska Sin, part of my collection of Hasslefree ladies.
Svage Escher 75mm from Blacksun Miniatures. Dogma 48 project.
Insmouth Fisherman. Lovecraft inspired piece, sculpted by the very talented Romain van den Bogaert.
Brothers. Separated at an early age, one chose a path of righteousness and light, the other chose a path of darkness and passions. One day they would meet again across the field of battle, they say that the hatred between loved ones is the deepest. I made this piece for the White Dwarf Golden Demon Winners Challenge. 
Into Hell. In the Cave of the Gorgon, 75mm by Aradia miniatures. Background painting after two pieces by Hieronymus Bosch. Cover piece for the first issue of The Illustrated Fantasy Artist magazine by Figurementors. In Monte san Savino I won a special prize from Athens Star Club because of its connection to ancient Greek mythology as well as a silver medal in the ambient category.

As mentionned above I have written quite a bit for Figurementors and The Illustrated Fantasy Artist which is published by Figurementors. In the more Blanchitsu end of things, I’ve been writing for 28 Mag which is all about the 28 niche of our hobby, which just keeps growing and growing, it is not very niche at all anymore. Apart from writing about the hobby, I have also been teaching workshops a lot lately. I have a centerpiece workshop coming up in Rogue Trader (Copenhagen gaming club) July 28th. I have several different kinds of workshops or painting classes on offer, I do Vehicles and weathering, Batchpaint, Basic miniature painting, Centerpiece and a Blanchitsu Workshop. New ideas for these come up from time to time.

Aventis Firestrike, my demomodel from the first centerpiece class. I got about 2 hours of paint down for demonstration during the class. Afterwards I finished it in 6 hours to make it in the same way as I taught the class.


My next big miniature project is Mordheim 2019 which is just around the corner. Mordheim was released in 1999, so this year we can celebrate Mordheim’s 20th aniversary. We are quite a large group of friends who meet up in Helsinki, Finland to play a short Mordheim campaign to celebrate the Mordheim aniversary. We place the setting 20 years later and explore some ideas of what that would be like, everything and everybody can be much more twisted. You can read all about this at Echoes of Imperium , the blog of Alexander Winberg and Alexander Lunde, who started it all! It kind of snowballed and have now become a thing online so to speak, as well as having become a big event for all of us that are involved in it. I am so looking forward to my trip to Helsinki!

Scurvy and his team in Mordheim. They are slowly evaporating due to an extreme exposure to warpstone. They are not quite dead, but certainly not properly alive anymore either.

Lately, in a way through these many projects and through a lot of soul searching I have rediscovered my passion for drawing and painting pictures. It started with my making backgrounds for miniature photography, but I have come to the realization that I need to paint and draw much more and do the art for its own sake. Here are some more of my pictures:

The Nebula and the Tree.
Visions of Hell II The burning Cathedral.
The Way Home? 

A lot of different things going on here I know, but it has been a long time… 😉 My art and hobby will always move in different directions, that is just the way things are, I could never do just one thing. Those big games of Inquisitor or Imunda or even Mordheim have not really been a part of my hobby since Lesotho 212 back in January 2018, hence my long silence here. That does not mean that I have been unproductive, the direction has just been another one. I am currently pondering a lot on how to move forward with this blog as well as the hobby itself, without having to do specific things like playing games or telling certain stories. Sometimes my different directions make me feel like I have lost my way, but that is really not the case, like life itself creativity is complex and unpredictable and should rightly somehow reflect the complexities of life. Loosing ones way and finding a new way back as well as finding other ways and other directions to move forward are integral parts of life and I think it is very important to recognize it as such. I love to play games and tell stories, I am looking forward to Mordheim 2019 and hopefully many more big games in the future! What is most important for me to move forward is that games, miniatures, stotytelling and art itself must co-exist without one being more important than the others or one being the requirement in order for the others to have a place in life or for that matter blogs. I must go wherever my mind and ideas take me without constraint. It is after all a matter of doing what makes sense to us and above all what brings us peace and happiness!

On this high note I will leave for now, but I will soon be back I promise!

Remember to do what makes you happy, be creative and live your life to your own specifications and not someone elses expectations!



4 thoughts on “Moving on

    1. Thank you so much. OSL is a good example of a technique I’ve learned and practiced a lot on my skaven, which I use as a playground for learning and experimenting with new stuff.

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  1. I was worried that you had lost your way with blogging so it’s nice to you return with more of your evocative pieces. As wonderful as your images are, it’s the tantalising snippet of yet another tale from the Grimdark that intrigues me the most and I’m looking forward to seeing more.


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