Unboxing Warhammer Age of Sigmar Dominion!

A little while ago I got this review copy of the new Warhammer Age of Sigmar Dominion box! And what a stunner it is! Wait what? commercial break? Well not exactly, but since I got my review copy, I was very curious to see what is inside and maybe share my thoughts on it, while I am at it.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Dominion

So what is inside?

Upon first breaking the cellophane you get that lovely whiff of new game, I love that smell! Opening the box reveals a lovely art print, depicting a massive battle between Storm Cast Eternals and orruks! In fact showing the very battle that you can play initially with the contents of this box. There is no logo and such on the art print, just the picture. This serves as a cover over all the other contend of the box. I think that this is a very tasteful way to present the artwork as well as covering the contents of the box, so you don’t just open up a big mess of everything inside!


Curiosity piqued, I removed the art print, to see what was really inside that box! It is filled to the brim with sprues! 60 nice Citadel miniatures! Nice and sharply molded in grey plastic. A lot of new orcs, goblins and Stormcasts. And I mean new! Their design has had a much needed overhaul, well according to my opinion. The orcs or orruks as I believe they are called now are a lot less chunky than before and go for a less cartoonish and a more, for want of a better word, realistic appearance. Instead of just being big and brutish, they have a more sneaky appearance, I think they look a little like the orcs and goblins from the Lord of the Rings movies. Yet they retain the larger than life aesthetic that we instantly recognise as Warhammer.

60 new miniatures

They come with some pretty nifty detail, I think. Look at those shields with sculpted faces, very Oldhammer come to think of it. You know how I love Oldhammer! Their faceplates and such are looking quite mean! I don’t quite know if I am a hundred percent sold on this new orruk design, it takes some getting used to, but I think it is a very good idea to redefine the design type from time to time! Cudos for that GW.

Cool face and face plate on this one

Zooming in on those nifty details, I really love the details of faceplates and such. And of course the aforementioned shields. There is a shaman cooking some vile brew in a big pot with a little goblin helper, wonderful model I think.

Cool character models. Amongst them the orruk shaman and his goblin with the cooking pot.

We also have a big centrepiece model for each side. An orruk boss riding a big monster! And for the Stormcasts, this angelic warrior woman, looking like a goddess, swooping from the skies. I think both of these miniatures have great potential for showcase painting. I bet we are going to see some of these in more or less converted form at future Golden Demons.

Let’s look at the rest of the contents, before we return for a look at the Stormcasts models.

Underneath the heap of sprues, I found the entire rule book for this edition of Age of Sigmar! Not one of those mini sized paperback ones you got in the older Warhammer boxes, but a real big hard copy. The front of the book is beautiful with this really strong painting of that angel winged Stormcast lady, you get as miniature, in the thick of battle. No logos or title on the front of the book, the picture speaks for itself! I really like it when GW present their books and games in this tasteful way. It feels less toylike, yet we must not forget that this is most certainly a toy, but for all ages. It also feels less corporate, which I can only recommend, GW do not need to paste their logo all over the place, their games and miniatures are instantly recognisable and it serves them very well to let them speak for themselves. It is a very confident way to present their stuff. It also shows a respect for the artwork and the artists creating it, showing the art uninterrupted by logos and whatnot.

The books

There is also a booklet with assembly instructions for all the miniatures. Very nice, easy and sometimes colour coded assembly instructions. Very useful for the beginner. And quite frankly a nice help for a seasoned hobbyist like myself.

Of course there is also a booklet with a scenario for getting started easily. Perfect for first timers, as well as for following the story of this particular battle.

We also get stat cards for all the figures, so you have all you need to play right away. The cards are nice and sturdy, with pictures on, so there is no doubt as to which card goes with what.

The cards

Now back to the miniatures. The Stormcasts are simply lovely! Up until now, I have not been too keen on Stormcast models. I have always thought they looked out of proportion… For me, it is ok that they are giants like Spacemarines, that’s ok because this is fantasy, but I have always thought their proportions were a bit weird. Not so now, after their redesign. They look strong and powerful like they should. Especially the elite ones. We also have a bunch of more “normal” looking Stormcasts, spear-armed footsluggers. It really suits their army to have some lighter ones, that don’t look like demigods. Then we have this big winged warrior lady, the main character, she’s a powerful one indeed! Right there on the other end of the spectrum. That is one miniature, I will love to turn into a showpiece!

What really has me sold on the Stormcasts are their proportions… The main difference in design is that they now have more human proportions. Not that they aren’t big anymore, they certainly are! But they have a much more human physiology, they look a lot more probable and that’s what I love about these new Stormcasts. For want of a better word, they look realistic compared to the earlier ones.

In my opinion much more probable looking Stormcasts, compared to the earlier ones. There are both male and female Stormcast models in here.

Overall the miniatures are of impeccable quality. Nice and precise fits, they are made for easy assembly without glue, though I glue mine. It works well. GW is getting more and more clever in the engineering of the miniatures. Clever fits, where the join follows edges and features of the miniatures. Hardly any mold lines, because almost all of them follow the edges of armour plates and such. Of cause you get a few more mold lines on the orruks because they have more organic shapes, without all that sharp edged armour of the Stormcasts, but still there is not much.

All in all a bunch of very crisp and nicely molded miniatures! They have a lot of potential for painting, conversion and creativity, all told.

I have assembled a few of the figures already, very nice fits as mentioned, and nice poses too.

An orruk boss, ready for paint.

I have even painted one of the new Stormcast spearman in my own particular style, which was a lot of fun. It was, as the orruk, nice and easy to clean for mold lines and to assemble.

My glowing Stormcast warrior

It was great fun to paint the Stormcast and I was very happy to work with one that seemed a little more human than before. I am quite satisfied with the result.

These miniatures are also great fodder for conversions. I used one of the female Stormcasts as base model for a female Spacemarine conversion. Their big and chunky armour lends itself well to 40K types with only a few alterations and additions. The thing is, when you make something like a female Spacemarine, you can’t just stick a female head on a Spacemarine body. Women are constructed different from men, so the physiology would not work. So using such a heavy armoured, but still female body is the right way to do it, then it is only a matter of adding the shoulder pads, backpack and a suitable gun.

My female Spacemarine

So all in all, I think Dominion is an awesome box. I don’t go about giving points and so, but I think Age of Sigmar Dominion is a highly recommendable set both for beginners and seasoned hobbyists alike. Nice artwork and nice miniatures. The orcs take a little getting used to, but they are getting there. Cool new designs and a much needed update on the Stormcasts.

Thanks for reading


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