1 2 3 4 Clear! Charge! 1 2 3 4 Clear! Charge! “We have a pulse…” Said a cold metalic voice, followed by a binaric squirt. She tried to open her eyes, but they were gummed shut! All she could remember was pain and burning. She couldn’t even remember her own name! There was a […]

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Mayhem at Lesotho 2-12

Raynah sprinted down the corridor, closely followed by Zacharias and Three, Duchalla made up the rear, firing short bursts of her heavy bolter, keeping the corpses at bay. She did not feel rusty anymore, the weapon felt like an extension of her body again, just like in the old days. Zombies, that’s what Zacharias had […]

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Something wrong at Lesotho 2-12

  Duchalla Kaide was looking into the downpour, searching for the enemy. She couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong, if only she could focus her thoughts properly. She was curiously  out of breath.   Corporal Duchalla Kaide of Cadian 34th , heavy weapons expert, looked at her comrades, they all looked bleak and […]

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Lesotho 2-12

Inquisitor lord Dominic Cisnerro Arch Interrogator of the ordo Malleus of the holy Inquisition of Terra met his mentor old lord Aurelius in the inquisitorial headquarters of Mondus Centurium on Alfa Secundus. They met in the main hall of the church. “Greetings my master, what brings you here out of retirement?” Said Cisnerro “My old […]

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War in the Sun

The sun was scorching hot, the sand of the desert was practically burning, the horizon was a shimmering blur of heat. The warriors of the Tor Megiddo wastelands converged on the Promethean tower. Many warbands and clans were heading for the tower, all with their own agendas, yet all could use the Promethean tower and […]

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Base Tutorial

This is  a different kind of post from most of my musings here. I hope to be able to provide tutorials once in a while, as I think the hobby is supposed to be shared. I have often been asked how I make the bases for my miniatures. Not so much the big elaborate scenic […]

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The Scrap Queen

Brutus was happy, though a little hung over… It had become late last night in the bar. He could still hear snippets of that ancient Terran song from yesterday. Have a drink on me …Have a drink on me Have a drink  on me …Have a drink on me He could still taste the puke […]

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Escape from Alfa Secundus

In the hive city Mondus Centurium upon Alfa Secundus, there is a thriving community around the illegal fighting pits of the upper parts of the underhive. Several parts of the underhive of Mondus Centurium is totally beyond imperial control, despite the fact that the whole hive world of Alfa Secundus plays an important role in […]

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