Turning up the Heat

The sun set over the desert of Tor Megiddo. A faint crying and screaming could be heard from Ghoul City as usual. As the light dimmed into dusk and sporadic lumens and a faint smell of diesel fumes heralded the generators starting up to provide light for the night, the lost boys returned to their […]

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Burning Sun burning Rubber burning Promethium

Get your motor running……. Head out on the highway…… Looking for adventure….. And whatever comes our way….. I like smoke and lightning… Heavy metal thunder….. Racing with th wi….++++++##!!+++++++++++ ++++++++111100011111111000001010011100111 As Brutus drew near to Ghoul Town the signal faded to static…. The ancient Terran music was gone again, like the memory… What was it […]

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Works in progress

This post is a bit unusual for me, it is sort of a diary post. I don’t know if they will be standard in the future, but this is about what is going on right now and what has been happening recently. This here fine chap that is on the featured image is a sorry […]

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The Swamps revisited 1

This is the first of an irregular series of articles where I come back to the Swamps of Axxos. As I’ve mentioned earlier, some of the miniatures I made for the campaign were done so fast that I felt a need to come back to them and make them better. There were also a few […]

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Branching out

Inspired by all the recent hype about AOS28 and, well our own taste for regular old fashioned Warhammer, we have decided to expand our blog to also feature Fantasy; Age of Sigmar, Warhammer Fantasy Battle and AOS28. Both Lazar and I have played regular Warhammer Fantasy Battle for years, we also collect all manner of […]

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Gallery of the Swamps

Here is a gallery of all the miniatures I made for the Swamps of Axxos Inquisitor campaign. It is very unusual for me to make so many miniatures in just two months, but I got kind of carried away… As I had some pretty tight deadlines for the days we had agreed on to play […]

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Into madness

The fabulous walking tower of the Hermit made its way through the twilight and fog of the Swamps of Axxos zigzagging around lakes, hills and ridges. Slowly making its way through the wooded areas, wherever there were no lakes or streams it was an overgrown morass. Stefan of Meteora, Gralum the Rogue trader and their […]

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