The Hunt for the Doctor 2

The Doctor Epsilon 1110101 and retinue


Message primaris


Top priority



Concerning Epsilon 1110101

Also known by his adopted name “the Doctor” upon his being banished from the Mechanicum. Believed dead 93 years ago.


He has resurfaced upon Ionidas 5, our spies have discovered that he has found part of the scrapcode of Kelbor Hal himself.

The Doctor is now on his way to Ionidas Prime upon which is an ancient fane containing a socket that can be used to upload the scrapcode thereby posing a severe thread to the empire itself and almost certainly being lethal to the population of Ionidas Prime in the thousands of billions!


Epsilon 1110101 must be stopped with extreme prejudice

Primarily you are to prevent him from uploading the scrapcode and bring the memorycard containg the scrapcode in to the Inquisition.

Secondarily you are to either bring Epsilon 1110101 in to justice or terminate him.

You are authorized to use whichever force is necessary.


By my hand

Arch Interrogator Father Dominic Cisnerro Lord of the holy Inquisition of Terra.


So the scene is set for the players to bring justice and safety to the Empire and especially Ionidas Prime whose huge population is living in happy ignorance of its dire peril!

For me it has been quite a journey of writing the scenario, making NPC characters, background stories and painting the more specialized miniatures for this whole thing. This was my first game of Inquisitor as the gamesmaster…

dsc_0083Here is the Doctor as I found him on the shelf and he sparked my imagination for this scenario. It was actually quite difficult to sort of get back into my mindset of more than a year ago and continue my paintjob, a task I sometimes find very difficult. I ended up not caring at all for what my painting plan was back then and just kind of improvised a new one instead and it turned out really well in the end I think.

The finished Doctor in all his glory
I found that he needed a special servoskull, that was a very fun little build;-)

To begin with I thought that I could just borrow a couple of gunservitors at the gaming club for the Doctor. He would need a couple of bodyguards. Then I thought, the gun servitors of the Doctor would look special being constructed by himself and all. Frankly I couldn’t bear to not have my characters tied together visually so in the last moment before the game I kitbashed the 2 gun servitors and literally finished painting them one hour before I was to leave home to play the game.


I needed a little of the local popullation also.

Enter: Sysmilla the Duellista, another denizen of my shelf of shame. I built her based on the dark eldar Lhamaean miniature maybe 3-4 months ago just because I think there are far to few women in the 40K universe. I didn’t paint her then, what a joy to finish several unfinished projects as part of a larger whole.

Sysmilla the Duellista is spireborn, the third daughter of a noble whose name she will never mention. She is bored and a totally unnessecary liability to her family. Her brothers will inherit, her older sisters will marry rich and powerful suitors to make her fathers house even more powerful. Sysmilla would just be expensive to marry off to some minor noble who could not contribute anything to her father, so in the end Sysmilla fled her house and took up swordfighting. She fled all the way down to the deepest slum of the underhive where she found some kind of power and personal redemption as a gangleader. Yet she could bring some resources of culture and prosperity to the criminal underworld, so she became quite the powerful matron of many underhive gangers.

With a lot of rage inside she would always be looking for a fight.

Sysmilla the Duellista and one of her boys

The story was ready, the miniatures was ready, player handouts and everything…

A battle report will be forthcoming.


3 thoughts on “The Hunt for the Doctor 2

  1. Some brilliant models there but for me the wasp drone is the star. Using plastic/fabric leaves for the wings is genius and I’ll definitely be stealing that for my nids, I been trying to do insect wings for years and never quite happy.
    Hope the game went well looking like it should be a lot of fun.


    1. Thank you, I found those leaves in some christmass decoration stuff. It is actually a real leaf, that’s been eaten by beetles, you can find them in nature also, but never as intact or clean. I guess you can use an equivalent of plastic or fabric as long as they are thin enough 🙂


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