Justaerin Tutorial

With a thunderclap of displaced air, five huge figures of utter darkness materialized out of teleportation. The fate of the defenders of the spire was sealed, their doom was certain, the Justaerin had arrived! My Sons of Horus army project is slowly growing and I have now painted a few Justaerin terminators. Here is a […]

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Sons of Horus Tutorial

The Sons of Horus and all the other traitor marines are trampling all over Terra end the Emperor’s palace at the end of the Horus Heresy! At least that is what is going on in the new game Age of Darkness from Games Workshop. I’ve always loved the Horus Heresy and have rather enjoyed reading […]

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Uther the Emberking

A giant has fallen from grace. The gigantic Chaos Champion strode into the small town. His eyes shone like burning coals inside his helmet, smoke billowed from his super heated armor. His blood red cloak billowing in the wind behind him. The soldiers attacked him, trying to protect their town and its people, they were […]

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Kruleboy tutorial

Gnashtoof stood in front of the old tower. He knew trouble was coming, but he was prepared!! Let ’em stinky tin can boys come and do their worst! I’ gonna show ’em! And then I’m gonna rip of dere ‘eads and play ball wiv ’em!! I’ma ready fer ’em stinky tin can boys!!! Tutorial time!! […]

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Unboxing Warhammer Age of Sigmar Dominion! A little while ago I got this review copy of the new Warhammer Age of Sigmar Dominion box! And what a stunner it is! Wait what? commercial break? Well not exactly, but since I got my review copy, I was very curious to see what is inside and maybe […]

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Father Antonius

Father Antonius came to Mondus Centurium in secret with a refugee ship and started a covert investigation. He had always hated Dominic Cisnerro, the resident master of Inquisition. Antonius would do anything to bring his old rival down! Father Antonius used to be a missionary of the imperial ecclissiarchy for centuries and in the course […]

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Black Legion Tutorial

Some months ago I got back into collecting Black Legion Chaos Space Marines. I used to play Warhammer 40K with a Black Legion army some 9-10 years ago, but over time sort drifted away from it. Did more show painting, played some fantasy, played some skirmish games, gennerally did not have much time for playing […]

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20 years after

He ran and ran, getting short of breath… He dived into the gutter to hide from the pursuers, he crawled into a sewer outlet. The twisted ones passed right by, grunting looking left and right, thankfully they did not notice him. There were more and more of these twisted creatures all over Mordheim, this was […]

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Mordheim 2019

This post was originally posted on Echoes of Imperium, but I might as well post it here as well. 🙂 The big Mordheim 2019 is next weekend and I am thrilled! We are a rather large group of hobbyists who have been working on this project for just about a year now, on friday we meet […]

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