Gallery of the Swamps

Here is a gallery of all the miniatures I made for the Swamps of Axxos Inquisitor campaign. It is very unusual for me to make so many miniatures in just two months, but I got kind of carried away… As I had some pretty tight deadlines for the days we had agreed on to play […]

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Into madness

The fabulous walking tower of the Hermit made its way through the twilight and fog of the Swamps of Axxos zigzagging around lakes, hills and ridges. Slowly making its way through the wooded areas, wherever there were no lakes or streams it was an overgrown morass. Stefan of Meteora, Gralum the Rogue trader and their […]

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Stefan, Job and Gralum entered the mysterious walking tower of the Hermit. It was musty and damp inside. It smelled a little of fungus, earth and rotten meat. Everything looked old an worn. There was incomprehensible technology everywhere, as if he had been tinkering constantly for a long time, inventing and building stuff just out […]

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In search of the Hermit

So our first scenario in the Swamps of Axxos inquisitor28 campaign was played last saturday. We all had a blast! We ended up breaking it down to 2 separate games instead of one big one, since we basically had two different locations . It was a big challenge for me to pull this game off […]

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Inquisitor Job sat at the bar staring at his drink, thinking “what in the name of the throne am I doing on this boring old world?… Alfa Secundus..  in this stupid, boring hive city Mondus Centurium, populated only with cabinet builders, administrators and of course those pissy nobles!” He had been chasing a band of […]

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Something brewing in the swamps

Ugh and Mama Norma where staring out over the water of the great stagnant lake. “Something’s brewing in the swamps of late” said Ugh “The water smells foul” “That’s right” mama Norma said “Ever since that awful screeming started, it’s just grown worse ‘n worse” “That big golden one with his soldiers were gonna find […]

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Inquisitor Stefan of Meteora

Inquisitor Stefan of Meteora +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Lord Stefan, your assistance is needed in the swamps of Axxos located on planet Alfa Secundus. As Lord Inquisitor Aurelius sent a disturbing transmisson concerning ”strange creatures” before comms communications broke off. We want you to find out what happened, and bring Lord Aurelius back.. Dead or alive. A ship […]

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