Father Antonius

Father Antonius came to Mondus Centurium in secret with a refugee ship and started a covert investigation. He had always hated Dominic Cisnerro, the resident master of Inquisition. Antonius would do anything to bring his old rival down!

Father Antonius used to be a missionary of the imperial ecclissiarchy for centuries and in the course of that time he had witnessed heresy in countless forms and ways, almost everywhere he went as a missionary. In time he joined the Ordo Hereticus of the Inquisition in order to be instrumental in rooting out all the heresy he had witnessed over the years. Father Antonius is extremely pious and considers himself a holy man, a saint even. He has often lived ascetically as a hermit in between missions. He believes himself to be closer to the God Emperor than most, though he has never been to the throne world.

Those of you, who are familiar with my work, might know father Dominic Cisnerro, an old inquisitor of mine. Cisnerro is a radical of the Ordo Malleus. Antonius is a counterpart to Cisnerro, not only a rival for power within the Inquisition, but a mortal enemy! He hates Cisnerro’s fight fire with fire attitude and wants nothing more than to burn him as a heretic for consorting with daemons and reading forbidden scriptures!

Father Antonius the Pious

As most of you might know or recognize, I did Antonius and his warband for an article on grimdark painting in 28Mag a couple of years ago.

It was quite a fun project to do and that little snippet of a story, with which I started this off, created a wonderful balance to my already established writings. My old inquisitor Cisnerro has always been all powerful and a quite untouchable master, pulling the strings from behind the scenes. Now here comes another one of maybe equal power, to represent a threat. Cisnerro may be all powerful and impossible to reach, but here comes a man who can actually take him down! Where Cisnerro is in the higher echelons, always protected by an army of bodyguards in his palace, quite unreachable, this one hides in the masses, equally unreachable. Antonius looks like the pauper, that he probably is, he will be invisible in the pious masses of imperial popullation, right until the moment he strikes.

Father Antonius is a man who has many enemies! Other brands of the Inquisition, most of the imperial nobility; he absolutely despises anybody of means! He will not go out of his way to avoid crossing the path of somebody wealthy or powerful… It is said though he absolutely denies it, that he has a vast fortune secretly tugged away for his own personal use. It is probably true, due to his very spartan living and that of his warriors. He does fight the good fight most of the time though, he was the first to alert the imperial authorities to the secret uprising of Grulgor, as Abaddon called him to arms after several millenia of hiding deep inside imperial space! That is one deadly enemy. Speaking of deadly enemies, Antonius has fought the Doctor Epsilon 1110101 many times in the past, he even once had to reluctantly join forces with Cisnerro to stop the Doctor from spreading a new plague all over the Alfa system!

Penitent sister Amathera and penitent brother Krole

The two penitents; sister Amathera and brother Krole are Antonius’ faithful bodyguards… or hounds. They are just as pious and crazy as he is. They do all the dirty work, infiltrations, theft, killing. They are never above burning or beheading heretics on the slightest suspicion. Nobody is entirely free of sin, so everybody deserve to burn!

Antonius and investigator Craig Fischig

Now Investigator Craig Fischig here is another matter! He is a newer recruit to the warband. His name is no coincidence, he is named after a certain investigator in one of Dan Abnett’s books. It is necessary for an inquisitor like Father Antonius to have a capable investigator in his retinue. Someone who can go out on his own and sniff up the trails, someone who knows the streets and the ways of the administratum. Ideally someone who can work with or within the Arbites. Someone who can infiltrate the circles of the criminal… A couple of years ago Antonius’ old investigator got killed in action and a new one had to be hired. Antonius keeps an eye on Fischig and avoid letting him in on any more knowledge than absolutely necessary. He is not quite sure that Craig Fischig can be trusted. Maybe he is right. I have left a little clue on the figure of Fischig, that might hint at another allegiance… Can you spot it? If you do, leave a comment.

Father Antonius and his pious warband, ready to take on Mondus Centurium

BTW The T symbol on Father Antonius’ emblem is a version of the cross, that the Spanish Inquisition used in the middle ages.

Now they have landed on Mondus Centurium, Alfa Secundus after a long journey in Warp Space. What has come with them? and what is their agenda? will they cause havoc and thwart the operations of Dominic Cisnerro or maybe even kill him?

Only time will tell!


It has been a while since my last update here. At that time, late 2019, I was at the tail end of my divorce. Recovering from stress and fighting depression. This sounds so bleak and yes it was a bleak time for me. Grimdark even! But I got over it. Now everything is better, I guess we all have our ups and downs. But there is also light in the darkness and if you keep working with yourself and looking for uportunities rather than barriers in life, I assure you that you will be able to work it out and find a way to get on with this wonderful thing called life!

Since then my personal life (which I am not going to tire you with here) has been a great roller coaster ride for good and bad. There has not been much time or energy for hobby, so my output has been slim. I have done some figures during this time period, but not nearly as many as before.

The onset of the Corona pandemic certainly hasn’t helped my hobby motivation either…. Creating games and playing them with friends here and abroad is my main motivation for making figures, so with no games, there was no reason to make the minis for them. It is the same with my showcase and competition stuff, no painting comps.. no real desire to make the figures for it.

As mentioned it is not so that I have not done any hobby at all, it has just been a lot less, than what would be normal for me.

I’ve made some stuff for articles in 28Mag and the Figurementors magazines, some motivation there at least.

I hope to be able to show you some of the figures I have made since last at some point, if I can find the right way to do so.

At least doing this post is sort of a starting point for me, after some kind of a reboot as a human being.

Thank you for reading and bear with me for having been silent for so long, sometimes life takes you in new directions and sometimes it leaves no room for old habits and vices, both the good and the bad ones. But we can always find a way to coexist and work things out with and for ourselves.

Love and peace


Father Antonius hits the streets of Mondus Centurium


5 thoughts on “Father Antonius

  1. Great stuff. I see a small….sun? on a red background on his right shoulder. Is this a clue? I have no idea what it means but….

    Welcome back. The Corona incident certainly was a buzz kill for hobby mojo.


  2. Amazing work- a fantastic themed band.

    Sorry to hear of your troubles- great to see you back posting though. I hope that the worst of the pandemic is behind us now.




    1. Thank you mate!
      I sure hope that the worst is behind us too, I have already got my first shot and get the second on Friday, that’s gonna make a big difference for me.

      Liked by 1 person

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